Perfect fit guarantee

Perfect fit guarantee

Welcome to Manndiip. 

I am the owner Manndiip Singh 

It is perhaps my Maternal Grandfather to whom I owe my heritage for tailoring. He began men’s tailoring in 1923 specialising in suits, and rapidly became One of the best tailors in India. His success was based on the principle of understanding a changing market, and so he developed his designs with a contemporary modern style and... generated huge success. He always loved the British people, and so they were his main clients, creating suits for many officers and commanders during the British occupation of India. Upon his death in 1970 he employed over 150 tailors full-time.

During British reign in India, our bespoke tailoring provided some exclusive, magestic design for the Royals. 

One of the exceptional pieces were a gown inclusively for ‘Queen Victoria’.

My paternal Grandfather began tailoring in 1955, spurred on by his fathers success. Initially with men’s suits but later discovering an affinity for ladies’ dress design. In his time he has made dresses for many famous and powerful people, including Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachan’s mother. Now aged 88 he is very selective about his work and chooses only those that he feels he can create true masterpieces with, through the advantage of time. My Grandfather sadly passed away early 2021. Although he has gone, we will always be together, and his spirit will live on in each and every one of us.

This leads to my father, who opened his tailoring shop in Kanpur, India, in 1975. Starting out as a small business producing between 40 and 50 suits in a year, he now produces nearer 600 and is still growing. This led my brother to open his tailoring shop in 2004, and within 2 years he had opened several others.

After completing my degree in commerce in 1996 I decided to go into the family industry and joined a fashion institute called ISDD, the International School of Dress Designing. Completing my second degree in 1998 I discovered that I still wished to continue my research into fashion and design and so joined the competition, Sanskriti Designer of the Year. There were over 200 entrants for the competition, 10 of which were selected as finalists, one of which being me. We then presented our finished designs via a catwalk showcase to the judges and I, Manndiip Singh, was elected winner and became Designer of the Year 1998. The following morning my name was in all of the newspapers and my picture on the front page, this kindled a great passion and created several design contracts. However, after 2 years I decided to progress my research to the final stage and applied to the London College of Fashion, gaining admission in 2001.

     After several more years of research and development I have decided that now is the time for me to once again return to tailoring in Britain, and so under the heading of Manndiip and with the wealth of knowledge and experience I offer my services to those who require reliable quality tailoring from a proven designer at an affordable price.    

At our studio we offer our clients some of the finest fabrics from the best mills around the world. Our skilled tailors work with high quality materials and adapt garments to the best of our ability, so you know your clothing is in safe hands. To back up our promise we offer a 14-day guarantee which means that any extra adjustments that are needed during that time will be done included in your original price. Come to us for the sharpest fit, guaranteed!

I would like to thank Kate (my design tutor) for her belief in me when she gave me a place in the pattern making course at Nottingham college. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement and of course their expert Tuition.